We are coming! Reigniting the passion for exploration . Explorers Unite!


Reigniting the passion for Exploration.



The days of Marco Polo, Ferdinand Magellan, Sir Francis Drake, Ernest Shackleton and Admiral Byrd had been long gone and forgotten. We want to continue into the foot steps of the great explorers of those days. There are great discoveries still left uncompleted in this modern world. There are stories of great sizable land that has still yet to be discovered such as from Admiral Byrd or stories from Iron Republic.


Our community started out as a non-profit boat to revive exploration to survey around Antarctica and Arctic. We changed our 2020 vision. We will all have access to resources and knowledge. Now, We are taking Sailing to a whole next level to survey across the landscape. Get Involved!

Go Beyond!

Are you still being Contained? Antarctica/Arctic Too Cold? Too Dangerous? Afraid to Go Beyond? Inexperienced? Still Tied to the System? Afraid of dying or getting shot? Lack of Fuel? Lack Resources? Treaties? Are these people Shills, Trolls, Agents? Concern people Misguide you? Fear people pushing False Beliefs? Concern people are Satanic or demonic? Scared of numbers 666 or hand signs? Suspicious of everyone at some level? Tendency To Fall back into Zombieways? Waiting to be Lead? Then STOP! REMOVE ALL BELIEFS AND REMOVE ALL FALSE BELIEF MODELS. GO OUT EXPLORE DIRECTLY YOURSELF. EXPLORE WITHIN AND IN ALL DIRECTIONS OUTWARD

“Why is no one Talking about Exploring Beyond ? ” Wanna Find out? Join us ! Stay Tune! We will reveal what is beyond! Subscribe and join us ExploringAgain.com GOING BEYOND THE HORIZON! PLEASE REVIEW THE COMMUNITY PLANS.

This is open community effort.  We will all have access to the resources.


Ernest Shackleton Famous Quotes

Difficulties are just things to overcome, after all.
Superhuman effort isn’t worth a damn unless it achieves results.
We had seen God in His splendors, heard the text that Nature renders. We had reached the naked soul of man.
If I had not some strength of will I would make a first class drunkard.

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Contribute your knowledge and effort to revive the Greatest Exploration that will happen. This is the greatest event that will be uncovered to mankind.

CALLING all hands on deck

Our Commitment
Everything you see here is built to get you involved. You are our key to success. ------------------------------------------ #STORMANTARCTICA #DOMEXIT

There is no one else out there looking to contribute to the Great Exploration Revival. You are the community. This site is my way to contribute to the effort. I have the expertise in Sailing and Exploration. But I need you all to be part of the Contribution to Gain Knowledge and Effort to the cause. Keep us motivated and on track. If you are NOT aware yet, The Debates been over! If you are still stuck in debates, you have to break away from those who are containing us. We have to spread across the face of the Earth. You are free from the bars of the system of control. You are living within a level of contentment of their control that you can withstand. You are living in their zoo being feed with their happiness. You have exited the false Globe beliefs model and Media Lies! #Anti-Media. Exit the mind control container of your Dome shield to see what is actually beyond the Horizon. #DOMEXIT. To end those who This is an open transparent community. You are the driving effort. If you are on the sidelines, still stuck in Debates / Discussion and doing unprovable experiments, then you still are supporting their system. These are the forces holding you back. You have to break free and step back to come back to reality. The only way to come to any conclusion is to directly explore for emperical evidence on the realm we live on. Hold good on what is true. Remove all beliefs and all false beliefs models. The truth will speak for itself. There is NO container trapping us here. Be part of this Great Exploration Revival. We will make History.

  • Mission :
  • Exploring regions that has still not yet have been explored.
  • We will plant a Flag and get awareness of the cause
  • Circle-Navigate the Antarctica and Polar Regions
  • Find Passageways
  • Research & Scientific Experiments. Drones/Weather Balloons.
  • Studying Earth’s Electromagnetic fields
  • Seaplane Flights of Polar Regions.
  • Monitor the 24 hour Sun of Antarctica and Arctic
  • Climb Mount Erebus, Mount Vinson Massif, Antarctica Pyramid
  • We will unravel the mysterious deceptions of this realm.
  • For those who have failed, We will Succeed.




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You are the Explorers and contributors of this community. We want you all to contribute to the success of the expeditions. We will all make a difference


Contribute your knowledge and effort to revive the Greatest Exploration that will happen. This will be the greatest achievement that mankind will uncovered. There are a lot of surprises that will be reveal in the next few weeks.

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