FLIGHT OVER THE POLES LIVE BLOGGING! Subscribe for Security Access Authorization.

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NEW FEATURE: I will be Live blogging Flight over the Poles Oct 26-28th 2018. Please subscribe get on to email mailing list for notification. I will be setting up a private channel who wants access to get a LIVE play by play blog of Flight over the Poles Oct 26-28 2018. Sign up for Security Access Authorization. This is for those who have contributed to the effort and want to be posted up to date. Thank you all ! You will receive real time direct observation and data as it happens.  Photos and Video footage will also immediately posted to Exploring Again.com Website LIVE Blogging when I have accessibility to internet access. I am planning to purchase Internet Access on the Flight over the Poles. Let’s get the word out to get involved to Explore Beyond !

Exploring Again

Aug 3rd 2018



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